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A Night in the Museum

When I was in elementary school we lived in a small town outside of Chicago. The local rec department had a terrific summer program, drop-in arts & crafts, boating lessons and field trips galore. My favorite trips (besides the outings to Cubs' games) were to the Museum of Science and Industry - what I called the "push-button" museum for all the interactive exhibits. I could go again and again...and did. We were on our own in the museum, something that is probably unthinkable in these hypervigilant days, trusted to return on time to our yellow school bus for the long trip back home.

When I read From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler I didn't dream of running away to the Met in New York, I dreamed of hiding out in the Museum of Science and Industry. I would have slept in the U-boat.

My brother Pat (who I think I could have counted on to be my co-conspirator in such an adventure) sent me an announcement for a competition to spend a month living my all time favorite museum. Alas, I'm not on sabbatical, and am so committed for the fall that there is no way I could go, even if I could survive the competition. But a girl can dream, can't she?

Photo of The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL. Photographed 9 April 2006. © Jeremy Atherton, 2006. Used under CC license.

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  1. I remember sleeping overnight at the Science Museum in London as part of a school trip many (many) years ago. Turns out it's still an option:

    Camping out around the lunar module was pretty atmospheric as I recall - although things got a bit more 'real' when one of the lads vomited in his sleeping bag.


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