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Better Labs and Gardens: A challenge

I've been doing some research for home renovation projects this summer (new cabinets for the kitchen) and came across this quiz to determine "your decorating style". (For the record, I don't have one!) It got me thinking about lab spaces and how they reflect the work done in them, as well as the scientists.

Labs and research spaces have a certain aesthetic to them. Biochem labs have a different "style" than synthetic labs than laser labs than...right down to a preferred palette of wall colors (for some reason, I associate white with biochem labs, black or deep blue with laser labs) and what sort of signs you'll find on the doors going in (eye protection required) and going out (did you remember to fill the trap?).

Take a look at the bench in the photo and see if you can correctly identify the research field. Organic, inorganic, or....

Look for the answer tomorrow!

Is your lab an architectural or decorating wonder? Could we identify your field from a photo of your bench or lab? Want to play? Send me a photo.

Link to the photo will come tomorrow (otherwise I'd give away the answer...)


  1. Biochem/Natural products isolation?

  2. Close - definitely natural products, but not quite biochem!


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