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Concentrated Chemistry: American Chemical Society National Meeting

The American Chemical Society national meeting is on in New Orleans this week. Somewhere on the order of 10,000 chemists will be here for at least some of the week - it's noticeable on the streets to be sure.

The Nature Chemistry group win the prize for most challenging travel. Read the teaser at the Sceptical Chymist - and place your bet on whether United Airlines will get them home again. A road trip to London isn't going to be the solution to return travel woes (unless that Bering Strait tunnel project gets off the drawing board much sooner than anticipated...).

The ACS has an oral history project going...and I'm signed up to be videotaped this afternoon.

My favorite t-shirt seen at the meeting: The name's Bond. Ionic bond. Taken, not shared.


  1. Nice to know the brothels have all been rebuilt/refurbished way down yonder.

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  4. I was there in New Orleans, with my undergraduate institution. It was alot of fun. Though we did not have the travel woes of the other group we did see a sign in Mississippi that said simply "Our Kids Can't Read." That amused us greatly.

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