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Carbon Dioxide Curiousities

  • It won't burn.
  • No matter how cold you make it, you can't turn it into a liquid at atmospheric pressures.
  • It sublimes, going directly from a solid (dry ice) to a gas (one way to make very creepy fog).
  • It's heavy. Burning 1 gallon of gasoline (weighing about 8 pounds) produced 25 pounds of CO2.
  • You can make a supercritical fluid out of it - a state of matter that is neither solid, liquid, nor gas.
  • It's a critical ingredient in chocolate chip cookies - produced in situ by the reaction of sodium bicarbonate and the potassium salt of tartaric acid.


  1. Supercriticality is the most fascinating property of CO2 at once it is an environmental demon and a putative savior!


  2. I love SuperCritical Fluids!
    In fact, related to my profession, I've opened a blog about supercritical fluids.

    ¿do you know that natural sources of supercritical water exists?



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