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Friday Random 10: Chemistry

A Random 10 for Bill Carroll's National Chemistry Week Extreme Tour

Chemistry (Chemistry)
Modern Chemistry (Motion City Soundtrack)
Chemistry (The Dygmies)
Delicious Chemistry (Juliet Kelly)
Chemistry (Semisonic)
Strong Chemistry (David Wilcox)
Chemistry of Spiders (Corcovado)
Relative Chemistry (Doctor L)
Bad Chemistry (Donna Regina)
Chemistry Lessons (Frenchmen)


1 comment:

  1. My suggestion:
    1)"Science Gone Too Far"- The Dictators.
    2)"They Blinded Me With Science"- Thomas Dolby.
    3)"Funtime" - Iggy Pop ("Last night I was down in the lab...").
    4)Any of the background music from "The Outer Limits."
    5)"Clone Warfare"- Chrome.
    6)"Frankenstein"- The Edgar Winter Group.
    7)"Cults Of The Shadow"- Therion (hilarious line about "the great charge of alchemy").
    8)"Monster Mash"- Bobby "Boris" Pickett.
    9)"Genetix"- The Stranglers.
    10)"The Elements Song"- Tom Lehr.


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