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Elements of Trivia 1

How cultured is your chemistry? Test your knowledge!

What element takes its name from the Greek for lead? (Hint: It's not lead and was used in medieval illuminated manuscripts.)


  1. Not gold, it's the layer below that provides the hint!

  2. I've studied some Greek, but I must confess to using Google. I've wondered before about the origin of that strangely lyrical name, but never brought myself to look it up.

    P.S. - This is an interesting resource.

  3. Anthony...

    Thanks for the pointer to the site on element's a great spot.

  4. I had to look it up but since it has been almost a week I hope you don't mind me giving it away. I used the above link and from there found the link to Seven metals known from antiquity in 119 languages and found the Greek word for lead, molyvdos. Then I went down an alphabetical list of the elements and found the most likely candidate and found Molybdenum which is my answer.

  5. Thanks, Henry! I was about ready to post the answer (and wondering if anyone was wondering...). Molybdenum it is -- it resembles white lead, hence the name.


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